Artist City State Link
!nfinite Rare Candy Northwest Coast TAS link
(alt)bro Perth WA link
0xFFender Southern NSW NSW link
Abortifacient Sydney NSW link
anakirob Melbourne VIC link
AndyExpandy Brisbane QLD link
Astro Zombies Deniliquin VIC link
Benedict Sydney NSW link
CAG Sydney NSW link
Cartridge Cassettes The Valley QLD link
Casionova Melbourne VIC link
CasioNova Melbourne VIC link
Celsius Melbourne VIC link
Chipped Teethed Snapped Elbows Melbourne VIC link
Chrism Perth WA link
Chrism and Fenris Perth WA link
Critical Hit! Melbourne VIC link
cTrix Melbourne VIC link
Derris-Kharlan Melbourne VIC link
dimefan90 Tuggerawong NSW link
Divide By Zero Sydney NSW
DJ Tr!p Adelaide SA link
Dot.AY Brisbane QLD link
Drycell Sydney NSW link
Emergency! Emergency! Sydney NSW link
freezedream Adelaide SA link
Future Eater Melbourne VIC link
Gentle Hurst The Shire NSW link
Godinpants Sydney NSW link
Gutterkisser Sydney NSW
Hidden Village Adelaide SA link
It's Hard It's Hard Sydney NSW link
Jacko Adelaide SA link
Joypad Inactive Hervey Bay QLD link
K808 Brisbane QLD link
little-scale Adelaide SA link
Maddest Kings Alive Melbourne VIC link
milkytreat Sydney NSW link
Minikomi Adelaide SA link
Ninjaspew Melbourne VIC
Pandie Melbourne VIC link
pk_x Ballarat VIC link
Pritee Piksuhl Melbourne VIC link
Przewalkis Horse Sydney NSW
Raptor-Kharlan Ballarat VIC link
Raptorface Ballarat VIC link
Rubijaq Brisbane QLD
S.M.E.S. Melbourne VIC link
Sky Crawlers Sydney NSW link
Slato Brisbane QLD
Slurry Beats Collective Melbourne VIC
Talkshow Boy Melbourne VIC link
Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families Sydney NSW link
The New Pollutants Adelaide SA
The Nocturnal Emissary Adelaide SA
TimoKles Brisbane QLD
TmTgr Melbourne VIC
Triforce Sydney NSW link
Ubey Brisbane QLD link
VGX Brisbane QLD link
Vicious Cyclist Sydney NSW link
Vytantus Ballarat VIC link
Xandox Adelaide SA link
Yaldabouth's Material World Northern QLD QLD link